Potentially dangerous asteroid 2016 AJ193 will fly near the earth on August 21. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Moscow Planetarium.

“Asteroid 2016 AJ193 will approach the Earth as close as possible to about 3.4 million kilometers on August 21. The diameter of the flying asteroid is estimated at about 1.4 kilometers, “- said in the planetarium

Scientists noted that those asteroids that approach the Earth at a distance of fewer than 7.5 million kilometers are considered potentially dangerous. Similar celestial bodies have repeatedly flown close to the planet – many are closer than 2016 AJ193. So, ten years ago, two asteroids 100 and 360 meters in size flew 384 thousand km from Earth

“For a hundred years, there were more than 30 such close flybys. As a rule, all predicted asteroids fly past us unhindered,” the astronomers recalled.

They added that the most dangerous of all are those asteroids that, due to their peculiarities, cannot be tracked – the Chelyabinsk meteorite, for example.

Earlier it became known that Roscosmos(a state corporation of the Russian Federation responsible for space flights, cosmonautics programs, and aerospace research) will attract private companies to monitor threats from space.