The goal is to acquire metals on an unimaginable scale for the production of batteries for new electric vehicles. Greenland’s mines are to change this sad reality for the better and lower their prices.

The biggest problem in the production of electric vehicles are batteries, or actually the metals they contain, such as lithium. We have huge amounts of it on our planet, but the mines are still like medicine. This is about to change soon. Due to lithium mining problems, many auto companies are unable to produce such electric vehicles for the masses.

For example, Tesla is struggling with big problems. We recently found out that Elon Musk’s company has postponed the production of the famous Cybertruck and Semi truck to next year. This is due to the insufficient availability of lithium. These vehicles will have powerful batteries and are expected to sell in the millions.

greenland jeff bezos

KoBold Metals, which is part of the funded Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund, Bill Gates and Jeff Bazos, will search for lithium, nickel, copper, cobalt, and platinum in pristine Greenland. Over the next two years, a dozen wells will be built, and then the first mines.

They will be built in the Disko Nuussuaq region on the west coast of Greenland. Experts estimate that this area is rich in resources. It is even said that, geologically, it is very similar to the Norilsk region, where huge amounts of palladium are mined.