Elon Musk used marijuana very publicly on Joe Rogan’s podcast last year. He told his staff about the Space X project that he couldn’t say anything about the drugs at work.

The Tesla billionaire told employees that smoking marijuana on one of the world’s most popular podcasts was “not wise” and then reminded them that “SpaceX maintains a drug-free workplace.”

In an email to the staff member of the Washington Post, Musk wrote: “SpaceX personnel must not use or possess any controlled substances in the workplace or be affected by legal or illegal drugs at work.” .

Musk said that his smoking method on the podcast “has no skill”, showing his lack of experience in drugs, but also clearly shows that in the California based on the experience of Joe Rogan, entertainment The use of marijuana is legal.

The e-mail did not mention any restrictions on smoking marijuana outside of working hours, but said that anyone who is at a high level at work may be subject to disciplinary action.

He wrote: “Anyone who seems to be drunk or affected at work must undergo drug testing and potential other employment actions.”

At the time of the e-mail, NASA conducted an assessment of SpaceX and interviewed employees at all levels of the company on training, drug policy, and safety procedures.

Gwynne Shotwell, president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, said the review is over and the overall results are positive.

“I can tell you that everything is going well,” she said, not saying that we didn’t learn anything, but that it was going well. ”

Last September, after Musk smoked marijuana on podcasts, Tesla shares fell more than 6%.

Musk looked at the phone and laughed shortly after smoking on the podcast. He told Logan that he had received a text message from a friend asking why he was taking drugs in the interview.

“I am not a regular marijuana smoker,” he said.