A few hours ago, The CEO of Tesla Billionaire Elon musk donated $1 Million to #teamtrees and he holds 1st position in the list of those who donated.

Now we see the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey holds second position in the list with $150,000.

CEO of twitter Jack Dorsey donated $150,000 to #teamtrees

The fund raiser MrBeast can”t believe

People around the world have started funding this organization. The organization founded by some YouTubers. The purpose of this organization is to plant 60 Million trees.

This is just the beginning we’re looking forward seeing other celebrities funding this organization.

We badly need more trees to save our planet because its endanger.

As we all know that Plants provide us fresh oxygen and absorbs Carbon-dioxide gas exhaled from.

If you too want to take part in this campaign then you must donated at least one dollar. In order to donate visit teamtrees.org.