The head of SpaceX and Tesla, Eon Musk, doubted the existence of aliens. He stated this during a speech at the SpaceX launch complex in Texas, a recording of the speech posted on the SpaceX page on YouTube.

“Maybe there is some other life, but we did not see any signs of it,” Musk said.

I added that he would know about extraterrestrial life if it really existed. In addition, Musk referred to the US Air Force’s military test base near Zone 51 in Nevada, where, according to conspiracy theorists, the military hide evidence of aliens. Musk called these stories a joke and a popular meme.

Mask’s performance was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the first launch of the payload into orbit created by SpaceX Falcon 1 launch vehicle in 2008. During it, Musk announced the company’s plans for the Starship spacecraft, intended for flights to Mars. I have noted that the ship can be put into orbit no later than in the next six months.