On October 18, Russian Entrepreneurs organized a business conference. To attend this conference, They invited Elon musk but Elon was very busy so he could not come to attend in person, but Elon contacted them through Video call.

Firstly, Elon musk discussed Russia’s education system and admired with these words “It seems to me that education is very good in  Russia . It seems to me that there are a lot of talents in Russia and a lot of interesting technologies are in Russia,”.

During the video conference, the organizer invited Elon musk in person for the next conference which will be held in Krasnodar. Elon musk said “I won’t be able to come because of busy schedule but I have a great feelings for those who are doing great in Russia”.

The forum organizer introduced an engineer who created Linux operating system into his Tesla electric car. Musk was asked if the engineer could contact him to talk more about his developments.

“Yes of course! I think you can give my contacts, ”the entrepreneur replied

We all know, nowadays Elon musk is being discussed all around the world. Everyone who belongs to business or rocket science wants to learn from Elon musk. This is not what i’m saying but the statement which is being made by the Famous Russian Entrepreneurs.

A song was produced by real Russian entrepreneurs to invite Mr. Elon musk to the business Conference.

These are their words which they composed in a song.

In the famous Russian Region,

Land of entrepreneurial youth,

Thousands of Russian people are waiting for your blessed truth.

We’d give you all of our money,

Just to see your shiny face.


We’re dreaming all together,

Sir Elon musk please give us hope.

To touch your deepest wisdom,

For us it’s greater than Gold.

We need your deepest wisdom,

without it, we still have snow.

We could use some inspiration,

from a celestial entrepreneur.

Imagine the souls you’ll save,

For Trump, its not so clear.

We’ll be waiting for by the phone,

On a wing and a prayer.


We hope to see you at our forum,

in person or by ZOOM.

To touch your deepest wisdom,

with it, Russian youth will glow.

You’ll be treated like a god here,

without you, there’s no Rainbow.

russians for Elon musk

Source: Rambler