Elon musk denied the statement that the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko made. The President of Belarus,Alexander Lukashenko said that elon musk gave him one of the tesla models.

Elon musk answered the question which was asked one of his followers.

Elon musk said “Um, no,” 

Earlier, the Belarusian Partisan publication published an investigation “Who actually gave Lukashenko an electric car for $ 165 thousand?” The question was asked under the repost of this article, reports “Gazeta.Ru” .

Lukashenko, who conducted a lesson for high school students in one of Minsk schools, mentioned that he has a “Tesla electric car”, which “Mask gave”.

What model of electric car is at his disposal, Lukashenko did not specify. According to media reports, in 2017, the president tested the Tesla Model S on the Belarusian roads in the most powerful version of the P100D.