No doubt, Elon musk is doing great for humanity and we’ve been discussing this topic for a long time.

Elon’s passion is to serve humanity. Whatever he can do for saving humans he does.

Recently, Scientists predicted Humans are endangered because of climate change. The only thing which can save humans is Planting tree as much as we can. After the prediction different communities started planting trees.

A few days ago, a YouTuber by name MrBeast started raising funds for trees, $1=1 tree. Different celebrities started funding but when it came to Elon musk, he surprises MrBeast as he always does.

Giving the reply to a social media user by name, Marques Brownlee, Elon musk promised to donate 1 million dollar to #teamtrees.

After a few hours of confirmation tweet from Elon musk The official website of #teamtrees organization updated with the list and Elon musk tops the list.

The purpose of #teamtrees is to plant 20 million trees. As we probably know people around the world are engaged in planting trees so why don’t you plant a tree today?

Recent, Elon musk declared that he has a plant to send 42,000 starlink satellites in low earth orbit. These satellites will provide fastest internet at cheap price to every corner of the world. The generated revenue from these satellite service will be used in Starship.