Mattel has announced a Hot Wheels-branded remote-controlled version of Tesla’s Cybertruck. It is available to preorder now and will come in two sizes: there’s a 1:64 scale RC Cybertruck that costs $20 and a much bigger 1:10 scale version that runs for $400. Both are expected to ship in December 2020, but they’re limited editions and will only be available until they’re sold out, Mattel says.


The 1:10 scale version is described on Mattel’s website as a “hobby grade-radio-controlled vehicle that is off-road and rugged terrain capable.” It has functioning headlights and taillights, and two driving modes: “chill” and “sport.” Just like the real Cybertruck, it has a telescoping tailgate that slides out into a loading ramp for the bed. Mattel says the body can be removed to reveal the “interior and access internal battery and drivetrain system.” The bigger RC Cybertruck even comes with a “cracked window vinyl sticker” in a nod to the now-infamous mishap from the real truck’s big reveal.

The 1:64 scale version is the size of a typical Hot Wheels car. It also has two driving speeds but fewer moving parts. Both versions were designed with help from Tesla.

The smaller and much more affordable version is just three inches long, which is basically what you’d expect from a traditional Hot Wheels mini model, and it can achieve an “up to 500mph scale speed,” which someone who is better than me at math can figure out what that translates to.

These are available to people in the U.S. and Canada, but I expect them to be pretty hot sellers based on the general fervor and interest around all things Cybertruck to date.