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These are the most fascinating facts about Tesla Model 3

In Spain, Tesla confuses the buyers

People who thought to purchase Tesla model 3 are confused now in Spain Because of new updates in system. The system shows different autonomy and price.

In the United States, this manufacturer has updated the price and characteristics of the basic model, which there is a little more expensive and has a little more autonomy.

The case seems opposite in Spain. until now the basic model of the Tesla had a final price of 38,990 dollars and a range of 240 miles, but in the Tesla online store does not appear that option: instead the cheapest model has changed and now goes up 500 dollars to 39,490 dollars, while the range is 10 miles longer, becoming 250 miles (402.33 km).

Spanish Officials say they’re going to discuss it with Tesla Officials.

Source: Xataka.com

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