Elon musk is being discussed all around the world because of his mission to make human multiplanetry . A few days ago Elon Musk unveiled more details of his ship.

Today we’re going to share with you how Pewdiepie contacted Elon musk?

Q: what was it like working with the Elon Musk? was there a direct line of contact or like how did that guy so it started off with indirect contact?

pewdiepie:”I don’t remember exactly how cuz I he posted that thing I know it’s really great. I actually know one of the people he worked with is really strange contact but I still had that contact and then somehow he got around”.

Pewdiepie says elon musk wanted his review on this meme

Q: how did you get in touch?

Pewdiepie: “we went back and forth and then after a while we just talked in DM directly and Elon was sending me a couple memes as well and they were so fancy not like offensive bad .”

Pewdiepie says Elon then sent him a dolphin meme

Q: what do you think about Elon musk?

Pewdiepie: “he’s a genius I think it’s doing a lot of good for Humanity I got Church yeah I think he’s pleased me for his memes as well I deeply respect for him but he’s also doing something bigger yeah and I think he also get a lot of shit for it like with media painting him a lot of times doing like in the bad light on really unfairly and I think it’s kind of bad. I’m really glad that i contact with anyone’s dream guest”

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