Russian President Vladimir Putin is very concerned about US plans to deploy military technology in space, but assures that Russia will take retaliatory measures.

“This attitude to security issues – I would say, at least, I will not use strong expressions – is not happy,” the Russian head of state said at the CIS summit. Putin described an extremely dangerous trend: “there are certain reserves on the American side, this concerns reusable space vehicles – “shuttles”. They give certain opportunities and advantages in the military sphere if they militarize space.”

The President assured that in response, ” all this will be leveled, and Russia will quickly acquire such [same] competence.”

“Just the fact of placing some combat systems in outer space is extremely dangerous, even worse than medium-range missiles in Europe, will further worsen the security situation in the world,” – said the Russian leader. Putin explained: “After all, it may come to the point that over the head of each state will hang some shock systems. The flight time to the corresponding objects of destruction will be 5, 7, 8 minutes. And it is not easy to control these systems in outer space. There may be technological failures, anything.”