Spanish researchers from the University of Toledo, together with American scientists, found out how evolution will affect the appearance of a person.So, drawing public attention to the deformation of the human body, researchers have shown how, in their opinion, people will look after 1000 years.

According to the authors of the project, the appearance of the person of the future will change significantly.Scientists have created a 3D model with the name Mindy.And her example showed how the woman’s body is deformed in the future.Researchers emphasized that a large influence on the appearance of people in the future has a modern addiction of society to a variety of gadgets.

Due to constant work at the computer and a sedentary lifestyle in the future, people will have too thick neck muscles and crooked backs.A constant pastime with a smartphone will lead to a bent elbow and a curved brush of the right hand.Recall that earlier in this article we already wrote that phones can lead to stoop.

Scientists have found out how a person will look after 1000 years

In addition, scientists say, people in the future will be left without thick hair. The volume of the brain will also change, which will become much smaller. This can lead to radiation phones that are now irreplaceable. To protect vision, in the future, people will have an inner eyelid, like cats. Mindy is also depicted with colorless pupils, which is also associated with radiation from modern gadgets.

This 3D model looks, to put it mildly, not attractive. Such visualization, as conceived by the developers of Mindy, should draw public attention to excessive enthusiasm for gadgets. All modern devices will lead to an early deformation of the human body. Scientists from around the world constantly remind that people should spend less time on gadgets. A person should walk more, and not spend all the time sitting at a laptop.

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