It seems that Elon Musk was right with Tesla, because as promised , this 2019 would increase the pace of production and deliveries to catch up and close the year with record numbers. The first of this we saw last quarter, when the electric car manufacturer first delivered 95,200 units , a figure that now has a new record of “approximately” 97,000 Tesla cars during the third quarter of 2019 .

Through a new statement , Tesla reported this figure, where the “approximate” is due to an estimate that could have a final variation of up to 0.5% . The final figure will be known when the company presents its financial results later this month.

These 97,000 cars delivered will represent an increase of almost 2% compared to the previous quarter . Stressing that a “delivered car” is when the necessary paperwork is completed and the property is passed to the end customer in physical form.

Tesla has delivered more cars in 2019 than in all of 2018

n spite of this new record, its investors and the market did not receive the news with good eyes, since the forecasts of the analysts pointed to 99,000 delivered cars . This caused Tesla shares to fall by up to 9% after the news was published.

In fact, a few days ago an alleged email from Elon Musk leaked where he claimed they had produced 100,000 cars during the third quarter, which triggered market expectations. However, the figures that Tesla now presents are 96,155 cars produced in the last three months , 10% more than in the previous period.

As with deliveries, Tesla’s production has seen a significant increase although with some ups and downs . As a comparison, during the fourth quarter of 2018 Tesla manufactured 86,555 cars; for the first quarter of this year the figure dropped to 77,100 cars, which is when the ” hardcore changes ” arrived; and during the last quarter we had an increase in production of 87,048 units.

As we know, despite the good numbers in deliveries and production, Tesla’s financial results continue to show losses . It will be necessary to see what happens with the numbers of this last quarter, but Tesla anticipates that they have received a number of record orders in the third quarter, so they will be entering the fourth quarter with “an increase in their order book” . Elon Musk’s company also added that all Model 3 orders came from customers who had no reservations.

To this we must add that the Gigafactory 3, in Shanghai, is almost ready to go into operation , which will give an important boost to Tesla’s global production and help increase orders, since they will not depend on what the Gigafactory does 1 in Fremont .

Finally, it should be ruled out that in the delivery figures presented by Tesla, the Model 3 remains the most important car of the company , with a production of 79,837 units for deliveries of 79,600 cars, only for this model. While the Model S / X mix had a production of 16,318 cars and deliveries of 17,400 units.

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