One of the Russian technology companies is working on a Robot “Teledroid robot” which will be sent on ISS. The Teledroid robot is being developed for working in outer Space. The best thing about this Robot is, it will be controlled from the earth.

Astronauts have to work with gloves that’s why they are unable to work properly but this robot won’t need gloves. “The robot’s grip functionality will be higher than humans. The astronauts work with gloves, therefore they are limited in movement, and the robot is not limited,” The executive director of the company said.

As reported by TASS, Scientists are sharing their unique ideas with the developers so that It can work properly. The shape and costume are yet to be revealed.

“I don’t know what it will be, we will shape it. The fact that it will be easier, more precisely, is unequivocal, ”added Dudorov.

The technical task for the robot was signed at the beginning of 2019. Assembly of prototypes of the robot will begin in 2020. The final sample of the complex should be ready by 2022.

SpaceX is also doing great job as it has been working on Starship but due to low budget, work is slow.

Don’t forget Elon musk is also going to send 42,000 starlink satellites in low earth orbit to provide faster internet service at cheap price all over the world. The generated revenue from Starlink satellite will be used in Satrship.

A few days ago, Elon musk tweeted using Starlink internet.