Warner Bros. used deepfake technology to create a promo video for the film “Reminiscence” directed by Lisa Joy. The photo can be part of a short video with an actor.

The technology allows anyone to be included in a trailer using their photo.

The promo for the film was created by media startup D-ID. The company was working on technology that could protect users from facial recognition. However, the creators later realized that the technology could also be used to optimize deepfakes.

The company has created a special website for experimenting with promo. Users need to provide a name and add a photo. After that, a face animation will be created.

The animation is not at all perfect, in some cases, the face may look distorted – but this is still a good result: when creating a deepfake, only one image is used, notes Engadget.

Memories is a sci-fi thriller about private detective Nick Bannister. With the help of special technology, he tries to find the necessary moments in human memory so that a person can relive the past and remember important things.

The idea of ​​the promo is that the user is the detective’s client studying his memories to solve the case.

The film will be released on August 20