Elon Reeve Musk FRS is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer. He holds South African, Canadian, and U.S. citizenship and is the founder, CEO, and chief engineer/designer of SpaceX; co-founder.

  1. Elon musk was born on  June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa.
  2. Elon musk’s net worth in 2019 is 20.6 billion USD
  3. He received his early education in his Country then he left or higher studies. He completed engineering from University of Pennsylvania.
  4. Elon musk married Talulah Riley (m. 2013–2016), Talulah Riley (m. 2010–2012), Justine Musk (m. 2000–2008).
  5. Elon Musk’s Parents: Errol Musk (father); ‎Maye Musk‎
  6. Elon musk has citizenship of South Africa, Canada and USA.
  7. Elon musk is the wealthiest person in South Africa.
  8. Elon musk is the 40th richest man in the world
  9. Elon musk is famous for his passion because he believes in himself Once he said “I’m never gonna quit”.
  10. Elon musk has six children:
  • Nevada Alexander Musk
  • Kai Musk
  • Griffin Musk
  • Xavier Musk
  • Saxon Musk
  • Damian Musk